FAQ Page

How Do I Send In a Repair?

To Send us a repair, Simply purchase the screen you require from our website, when this is done we will send you a packing slip to attach to the packaging you have placed it in

What Do I Need To Do To Send My Device To You?

You will need to package up the phone or tablet and let us know the dimensions of the package. You will also need access to a printer to print out the shipping label that we email you

What If You Cant Fix My Device Or There Is Something Else Wrong?

If your device is unrepairable we will send it back to you and refund the price of the repair less a small fee ($20) to cover the cost of couriers, If there are other issues we will let you know before carrying out any work to make sure you are okay with it

How About Warranty, Do You Keep Me Updated?

We offer a 6 month warranty with every repair, We use our ticketing system and you will know what is going on with your repair every step of the way. We understand you love your phone/tablet so we will work quickly to get the device back to you as fast as we can

Can You Fix My Phone Onsite?

YES!, But only if you are on the Gold Coast

Got Another Question?

Please Contact us if we have not answered your question